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The only way to grow is to explore, learn, and apply...

Research Projects are projects that explore new ways of presenting and dealing with the enormous amount of knowledge available through the many resources of TCM.

Some projects will deliver software tools, and others deliver papers or study materials.

At the moment we do research on the following topics:

  • Intelligent Treatment Support Environments™ - Expert systems for diagnosis and treatment support.
  • Measuring and quantifying disease pattern identification. What are we doing and why are we doing it? Improving disease pattern identification.
  • Bagang Signature™ and Pattern Space - the use of complex mathematics for determining relations between symptoms, patterns, and treatment.
  • Herbal Formula Signature and Pattern Space - the use of complex mathematics for determining relations between herbal formulas, symptoms, patterns, and treatment.
  • ISO quality procedures for the acupuncture and herbal therapy clinic.
  • TCM Process Maturity Model™. How mature is the process in your clinic? A five level framework for process improvement from diagnosis till treatment.
  • The Future of TCM. What will the future of TCM look like if we think outside the box? This project tries to discover that. Reports will be available in the near future.

We are currently preparing articles and papers about the research results, which will become available for download in the near future.

Available information

Analysis of Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas ~ Herbal Formula Profile ~ [E] zipped pdf (280KB)

Diagnosis Modeling Language (DML) for TCM [E] (pdf / 257KB)




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