"Expert Systems and Intelligent Treatment Support Environments™ will Professionalize TCM."




Knowledge and experience bundled and ready to use

LFRI finds it important to translate research results to real products which can improve the quality and worksflow of TCM students and practitioners.

The follwing products are planned for the near future:

  • TCMworks - the first Intelligent Treatment Support Environment™.
  • Reference cards for pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis, acupuncture needling techniques, etc.
  • DVD containing the most important needling techniques. This DVD is a special training version for students as well as practitioners.
  • TCM Diagnosis Survival Guide - the ultimate guide for the TCM practitioner.
  • Study Materials for acupuncture and herbal medicine students. (Note: many are free for download on our Education page)


Available for download

Pulse Finder (soon).





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