The logo of LFRI (image above) represents three vital concepts of Chinese Medicine. That is, the philosophical part as well as the practical part of Chinese Medicine.
These three concepts are: ba gua, wu xing, and yin-yang. The logo connects all three of them showing mutual independence.
The wu xing displays the cosmological setting symbolizing that everything returns to the middle. LFRI represents the middle.




About the Long Feng Research Institute and how to contact us


Long Feng
Research Institute

info @ lfri . nl

The Long Feng Research Institute, or LFRI for short, is a nonprofit research and educational organization that focuses all her activities on the field of (Traditional) Chinese Medicine (TCM), with emphasis on diagnosis (acquisition, pattern identification, treatment method/principle determination), and treatment by acupuncture and herbal medicine. Hereby LFRI serves a fast growing number of TCM professionals and serious students.

We want to explore, that is, discover, research, and apply new ways.

LFRI is not only a research institute, but a development institute as well. We do research in order to understand, learn and grow. The results of this research are translated to practical products for the TCM community.

In this way we want to contribute to TCM as a professional medical science and practice.

Hereby we use the famous Chinese medical classics a source of knowledge, but also new techniques from, for instance, the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Quality Control, Measurement, and Management (QCMM), and mathematics to structure and present this Chinese medical knowledge in a new professional and clinical useful way.

We do not change the rules of TCM itself, but apply them to different areas of interest and present the information in innovative new ways.

Lóng and Fèng
The Phoenix - a mythical bird that never dies, the phoenix flies far ahead to the front, always scanning the landscape and distant space. It represents our capability for vision, for collecting sensory information about our environment and the events unfolding within it. The phoenix with its great beauty, creates intense excitement and deathless inspiration.
The Dragon - like the phoenix, it is far-sighted and posseses a spiritual quality. The dragon receives the information gathered by the phoenix, reflects upon it, and makes important decisions.
Although it soars above the ground, the dragon is typically depicted resting in the clouds, a figure of stability.
It has amazing power and symbolizes the wisdom aspect of the mind.

By following the way of the phoenix and the dragon, we are confident that our institute will stay with her misson.



Our Mission: “Bridging classical Chinese medical philosophy and Western science as a way to prevent, control, and cure disease and to preserve the quality of life.”

The illustration above shows the bridging between two different worlds according to the major Chinese philosophical concepts.
Left there is yang containing a part of a Daoist philosophical medical representation of the human body, and right on the yin side there is western science.

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