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This page offers free materials from our HM-CMR Project (Herbal Medicine Course Module Research).

More materials are added regularly and are for personal use only *.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Formula Study Guide

This section contains chapters of the Chinese Herbal Medicine - Formula Study Guide as part of the Chinese Herbal Medicine Course Materials Research Project (CHM-CMR).
In the next months more chapters will be added.

Chapter File type / Size
Introduction and how to use this book pdf / 51 KB
Formulas that Clear Heat pdf / 133 KB
Formulas that Warm Interior Cold pdf / 146 KB
Formulas that Treat Phlegm pdf / 128 KB



Subject File type / Size
How to study single herbs - an example html
Summary Models of Herbs that Transform Phlegm & Stop Coughing pdf / 123 KB
Combining medicinal substances in terms of feudal hierarchy - Model pdf / 23 KB


Comparison Tables

The comparison tables above give a quick comparison of the taste (flavour), temperature (nature), and channel entry per herb group. You can see the similarities and differences quickly. This makes it easier to remember them.

Taste, temperature and channel entry comparison tables. File type / Size
Jie Biao Yao - Herbs that Release the Exterior pdf / 50 KB
Bu Yao - Herbs that Tonify pdf / 57 KB
Li Qi Yao - Herbs that Regulate the Qi pdf / 66 KB
Qing Re Yao - Herbs that Clear Heat pdf / 57 KB


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"The dosage is the secret"

"Qi Bo:
One ruler, two ministers, that is a small composition.
One ruler, three ministers, and five assistants, that is a middle-size composition.
One ruler, three ministers, and nine assistants, that is a large composition."
(Su Wen chapter 74)




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