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This page offers free materials from our A-CMR Project (Acupuncture Course Module Research).

More materials are added regularly and are for personal use only *.


Jing-Luo and Zang-Fu Relationship

Subject File type / Size
Relations between Jing Luo and Zang Fu pdf / 35 KB


Qi Jing Ba Mai

Subject File type / Size
Qi Jing Ba Mai (extraordinary meridians) and were you have to look in the classics for meridian pathways and pathology. pdf / 55 KB


Meridian Connections

Connections between the points on a meridian and other meridians and point classification.

Subject File type / Size
Connections of the Lung Meridian pdf / 28 KB
Connections of the Large Intestine meridian pdf / 30 KB
Connections of the Heart Meridian pdf / 35 KB
Connections of the Small Intestine Meridian pdf / 42 KB
Connections of the Pericard Meridian pdf / 38 KB
Connections of the San Jiao Meridian pdf / 38 KB
Connections of the Spleen Meridian pdf / 37 KB
Connections of the Stomach Meridian pdf / 44 KB
Connections of the Liver Meridian pdf / 37 KB
Connections of the Gall Bladder Meridian pdf / 46 KB
Connections of the Kidney Meridian pdf / 38 KB
Connections of the Urinary Bladder Meridian pdf / 49 KB



Subject File type / Size
Four Command Points Song (Chinese, pīnyīn, English) pdf / 44 KB


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